Sempai Katie Cox

Katie Cox

Nidan(2nd) Grading 2011

Saturday November 19th was the date set for the second and last Senior Grading for 2011. This was a very important date for two young ladies of the Palm Beach Dojo, and also one etched in the mind of several other senior students from around Queensland. The Palm Beach ladies were; Sempai Katie Cox, who would be attempting her Nidan (2nd Dan) grading and Ekaterina Fedorova, who would be attempting her 3rd Kyu grading.

Fresh from a courageous effort at the Nationals, and utilising the fitness regimen adopted for that, Sempai Katie’s fitness was second to none as she focussed on the goal ahead, a prospective 5 hour Nidan grading. Complete with rigorous kihon, ido gecko, kata and self defence training, both ladies had prepared well. Ekaterina having to stay focussed since her cancelled grading in May.

The day’s trials commenced just before 1pm, in the heat of the day. As senior gradings have been structured to reflect the Japanese grading format, the day started off with a full one hour of fitness and stamina. This proved to be very testing in itself, but Sempai Katie skipped through it like a "Duracell bunny".

Following this, a short break then straight into Kihon, Ido Gecko ensued and the day flowed on. Whilst there were some tired students out there, the standard overall remained relatively high, as one would expect of a senior grading, with our Sempai Katie setting the standard throughout.
Everyone joined in with the "self-defence" part, even if they were not being marked on it, And after a few hours, the lower ranked students were starting to fulfil their technical component of the grading, and started to sit out in turn, in preparation for the sparring.
As in true Kyokushin style, once the technical side of the grading was complete, everyone prepared themselves for the arduous finale of the sparring. In the true spirit of Kyokushin, everyone attacked their sparring roles with the ferocity expected. After a short while, Sempai Josh Cooke sat out for the rest of the sparring. All others battled through to complete their requirement, and like the lioness protecting her cubs, Sempai Katie was the last remaining warrior standing to finish the sparring.

What a great day for Kyokushin Karate to see all these warriors working tirelessly with "firm, unshaking spirits" in pursuit of "the true meaning of the Martial Way" and "fulfilling the true meaning of the Kyokushin Way".

National Title 2009

Sempai Katie Hall realised some of her potential in the 2009 National Titles held in Sydney on August 9th 2009.

She came out with all guns blazing in the first round, giving her opponent no time to settle and dominating her for the entire round. Her dominance showed in the judges flags, all red.

The next round started a little different, but when Katie settled, this fight soon followed the same pattern as the one before, overpowering the opponent and gaining a unanimous decision.

Quickly disposing of two opponents saw her meet Margaret Le, a seasoned campaigner from the Kempo Ryu Dojo in Sydney.

Knowing Margaret is an all action fighter, Katie matched her work rate and the exciting first round was deemed a draw. The two then went into an extension, with more of the same intense action. With Margaret getting the final decisive vote from the referee, Katie had to settle for third place, her highest finish in the Nationals so far.

Her terrific showing earned her a place in the Australian team to compete in Spain for the world Cup in June, 2010.

About Sempai Katie Hall

Kyokushin Karate Full Contact tournaments are for today’s warriors. Knockdown action without any padding they are not a place for the faint hearted. Sempai Katie Hall, a Litigation Solicitor from HW Litigation, has just been selected to face one of the ultimate tests in her fighting career.

After a fine performance in the National Knockdown tournament, She is the first woman, and only the third person, from Queensland, to be selected in the Australian Kyokushin Karate Association team to fight in World Titles in Japan in November 2008. A knockout tournament held every 4 years, over 2 days and is attended by over 400 competitors from over 40 countries.
The two other Australian representatives from Queensland come from the same ‘Dojo’ in Nerang. Shihan Tony Bowden, 6th Dan, fought in 1979 and reached the last 32, and Sensei Phil Cox, 3rd Dan, fought in 2000 also reaching the last 32.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for me and the culmination of a lot of hard work, and although the thought of lining up against the best in the world is daunting, I am working hard to achieve my dream of placing well and I hope to do everyone proud.”

November 24th saw Sempai Katie Hall head off to Japan to fulfil her commitment to fight for the Australian team in the 2008 World Titles in Isesaki, Japan.
After a gruelling training schedule, which saw her travelling the length of the country on 6 occasions for training seminars and sessions with the National coaches, she was more than ready to take on the world.
Although fighting in the Middleweight category instead of the Lightweight as nominated, she did herself, her country and her sponsors proud by getting to the last 8 of this division. An Iranian fighter, who appeared to the judges to be stronger fighter, eventually stopped her just short of a quarterfinal berth.

Her good performances and renewed confidence has seen Katie set her sights on a big year of fighting in 2009, with a place in the team for the 2010 World Cup, to be held in Barcelona, Spain, as her goal.

She would like to thank everyone, especially her sponsors, for all the support given over this demanding time. (Sponsors: Leda Mechanical Repairs, HW Litigation, Mr and Mrs Hall, Ipswich Kyokushin Karate Dojo, Sarina Kyokushin Karate Dojo)

After completing her gruelling 3-hour black Belt grading in November 2007, Katie has also become the Assistant Instructor at ‘Palm Beach Dojo’ at the Uniting Church, Elanora on Monday and Wednesday evenings. For more information call 0404 462 415.

“Teaching new students has provided yet another challenge for me, and look forward to imparting some of the knowledge I have gained from my Instructors and experiences through my journey so far”.


One living daily in the Way carries their head low and their eyes high; reserved in speech and possessing a kind heart, they steadfastly continue in their training efforts.
- Mas Oyama