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Palm Beach Dojo

Phil Cox

Here at the Palm Beach Dojo, we pride ourselves in providing quality, progressive instruction, within structured guidelines in a caring safe environment. That’s not to say the traditional values and work ethic of Kyokushin Karate are diminished in any way.

Yes our training is sometimes demanding, and we make no excuses for that, that is Kyokushin Karate, the ‘ultimate truth’ and the strongest karate.

If you want to find some truth in you and your training, come join us.

Katie Hall

We teach Kyokushin as the completely holistic martial that it was designed to be. Modern karate has evolved into a long range kick, punch, block art to be used in arenas for competition or for demonstration, and there is room for that too. But, karate was once so much more than that, so we aim to include throws, locks, traps, grappling and escapes. Everything from basic technique, through to the top of the pyramid, being able to effectively protect yourself or loved ones is covered in our training.

We aim to provide quality instruction at a more than competitive cost to the individual or family, so that cost or the depth of your pockets does not prohibit your progress in the Martial arts.

Please call Sensei Phil (Mobile 0404 462 415) if you have any enquiry.


Instructors: Sensei Phil Cox (3rd Dan)
Sempai Katie Cox (2nd Dan)
Sempai Krzysztov Mika (1st dan)
Location: Uniting Church Hall
Pines Lane or Applecross Way, Elanora QLD 4221
UBD map ref: 70 K2
Directions: Exit 92 off of the Pacific Motorway (M1), head to the western side of the Highway and on the north bound off ramp there is Pines Lane. The first driveway is the Uniting Church.
Alternatively, half way up/down KP McGrath Dr (on the eastern side), Elanora is Applecross Way, follow to the end.
Training Times: Monday 6.00pm till 7.30pm: General Class
Wednesday 6.00pm till 7.30pm: General Class
Friday 6.00pm till 7.00pm: Fight Class
Saturday 8.00am till 9.00am: General Class
Contact details: Phil Cox | Mobile 0404 462 415
Email info@kyokushinkarategoldcoast.com.au



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Call Sensei Phil : 0404 462 415

“All ages catered for! Family Specials available!”