Sensei Phil Cox

Phil Cox

first started training in Karate in 1982 in London. It was with a freestyle called Renshinkai under the British All Styles Karate Association banner. Although it was a ‘freestyle’, many of the Instructors, including his own, Sensei Lloyd Williams, were trained in Kyokushin karate, and training was much the same with even some of the same kata as practised now.

Prior to his emigration in 1987, he was advised to seek a Kyokushin Karate association in Australia and as grounding to this, to train with Shihan Steve Arneil, founder of IFK, at Crystal Palace Dojo in Kyokushin Karate, as there was no Renshinkai in Australia. He did this on a casual basis for the last remaining months in London.

Upon arriving in a new country, he was a transient martial artist until he committed to Kyokushin karate in Nerang under, then, Sensei Tony Bowden in 1995.

Since then, he has been highly competitive in numerous tournaments over ten years. Competing in State, National and International competitions, and the pinnacle having been selected to fight in the Australian team at the 2000 World Titles in Japan.

He graded to Shodan in 2001 and to Nidan in 2005.
He attended the International Dan Grading test held at Kancho Matsushima’s Isesaki Dojo in December 2008 and he has now been promoted to Sensei at the rank of 3rd Dan.

Opening the Palm Beach Dojo, in April 2008, he has found new and rewarding challenges in instructing full time and promoting the growth of new and existing students.

In 2012, along with the Palm Beach dojo, he joined the All Japan Kyokushin Union as an independent Dojo. His training has expanded with several trips to Japan since and he recently fulfilled a lifelong dream of training in Okinawa, the spiritual home of Karate.


ye trials and challanges; come life's big waves, for I am ready?
- Mas Oyama